Notes on Yvonne Rainer's Performance around a film about a woman who… (1974)

Equipment List for Yvonne Rainer's
A white surface, between
2 16mm film projectors)
2 carousel 35mm slide projectors with remote control switches.
images are identical in else:
1 tape recorder that plays half-track monaural tapes with amplification appropriate for the space. The tape recorder is placed near the pro-jectors.
1 microphone. The microphone and tape recorder are
The microphone is placed on a table (or a stand if a small boom is used) at which I sit to narrate from a script. I also need a dim light for this purpose*
I need two assistants to help set up and run the equipment during the performance, one for the film projectors and one for the tape recorder.
Performance Around
a Film about a woman who...
wide, for projecting against; or 2
screens, each
projected at one time, film on the left side end slides on the right. The quality of light (intensity of lamps) should be comparably bright coming from all projectors. Zoom lenses are suggested for greatest adaptability. All projectors should be placed in beck of the audience on tables or pedestals.
Only 2 images are
used at the same time
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