Letter from Hollis Frampton to Sally Dixon (10/26/1972)

I like the look of Sally,
That air of taut surprise;
I remember a night in our alley, With me in my toff's disguise...
SURFACE TENSION (1968) 10 min., color/sound ARTIFICIAL LIGHT (XX1969) 24 min., color, silent ZORNS LEMMA (1970) 60 min., color/sound
which axshully makes 94 minutes.
Enclosed is my standard blah. It's not quite up to date. You can add, prestigiously, that ZORNS LEMMA was the first really hardnosed badassed feature to be show in the "regular" screenings in the New York Film Festival. I mean in Philharmonic Hall, not the Alice Tully freak show. (THAT was funny as hell. I'll tell you all about it in January).
Also three bits of P. Adams'. The two "unpublished" are ad copy from the forthcoming new Coop catalog. There are three more articles due out momentarily whatever that means, & I'm starting to resent Zorns Lemma SLIGHTLY, telling people that I have in fact made 14 other fills etcetera.
As for photographs: I am so seldom photographed that I seem to be a Cosa Nostra figger. But I will send you a horror on 4 november.
As for stills, that's probably out of the question. I haven't any, and no time to make 'em in the foreseeable. Probably. What other options are there?
Two hundred bucks okay as agreed aforetime. J&L wd/ be splendid,
1 worked in their open hearth plant in Cleveland as a kid. Lotsa fire, lotsa sparks, molten metal, oh boy! probably won't use the footage for 2 or 3 years. NINE new films on top of the stove at the moment, but whether any of them will see the dark of night before April or ao is an open question.
I look forward to coming. Let me hear from you.
Veuillez agreer etc
Dear Sally,
t his, in a manner of speaking, is where I have got to:

to a choice of Thursday, Jan. I'm proposing to arrive
Thursday morning & leave early afternoon Saturday. That is most of two days and two evenings. At the Flatulent Seminar you spoke of a second informal screening. Please advise whether that's still on, &. whether you have any preferences as to what I bring for it.
For a 90 min. program I'll show:
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