Press release for Visiting Filmmaker Series Events (1980)

Three filmmakers will visit the Museum of Art this autumn to show and discuss their work. All of these events are in the Museum of Art Theater, at 8:00 PM on Thursday evenings.
On September 11, Stephanie Beroes will show her most recent film DEBT BEGINS AT 20, shot in Pittsburgh and portraying a contemporary musical "subculture" in our city.

This poetic film, part scripted and part documentary, already has been well received in Germany and England, and has begun to attract interest in this country. Beroes, originally from Pittsburgh, has been living and working on the West Coast, where she has completed her excellent personal films RECITAL and VALLEY FEVER. DEBT... is a new and exciting departure in her work.
Les Blank, who lives in California, specializes in films about ethnic aspects of American life, and especially things which have to do with music and food. He has made films about New Orleans jazz, the blues, Mexican-American music, and he now has a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to work on a polka dancing film. His recent film GARLIC IS AS GOOD AS 10 MOTHERS is a delightful and mouthwatering eulogy on the culinary and medicinal benefits of this oldest of herbs.
Les Blank will present this enticing film at the Museum of Art on October 16, and plans are now afoot to include real food in this event!!!
Tony Buba has been making amusing and sympathetic films about his native Braddock for nearly a decade. Although he pays the rent by working on commercial films for George Romero and others, Buba's own short personal portraits of offbeat aspects of Braddock life are suddenly beginning to get national attention. Buba will present a program of his short films, including a new work, at the Museum of Art on November 20. This promises to be a lively and engaging event.
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