Letter from Peter Kubelka to Sally Dixon (approximately 1970)

Peter Kubelka
425 Greenwich, Apt 5
San Francisco, Cal. 94133
Dear Sally,
this is to tell you, that I have now after years of trying and great expenses been for the first time able to recover the colors of UKSERE AFRIKAREISE. To recover the cost I will have to sell a number of prints. (Although I am in principle very hesitant to do so and have,except to Anthology,not sold my films.)
If you want to buy my work,here is now the opportunity. xxxx Conditions: Prints can be used for teaching purpose only, no public shows.On premises only,no lending out. Must not be resold without
my written permission.
Prices: MOSAIK IM VERTRAUEN $ 300.00
ADEBAR $ 150.00
I am teaching here at San Francisco State University until Mid-December and will then be in Knokke. Are you going? Would like to exchange some words again with you sometime.
Best Regards
Peter Kubelka
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