Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (10/30/1971)

James Broughton
P.O. BOX 183 • MILL VALLEY • CALIFORNIA 94941 • (415) 388-8676 • 383-0657
Sally Dixon Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh, Pa 15213
Dear Sally:
Thankyou thankyou—for sending the photos of me. My best congratulations & regards to Bob Haller. They look impressive, even monumental; though I did not ever realize that I might look so patriarchal. Still fancying myself as the Loony Trickster, skipping over the countryside, maybe.
Back home again now, back to the grinding mire. I had hoped that you would have sent my check on to me here by this time. Can I expect the money soon, please? I am, as usual, in need. In need of whatever you've got to give.
I enclose newly printed brochure. It even includes the new film, DREAMWOOD, though that won't be ready for booking until the new year. Should I propose to you, or to Mr Arkus, ideas for film seminars or production class that I might want to give? I have a feeling that I will come back
there some day.
By the way, do I also get the 1000 feet of color film for the use of the telecast? I am supposed to begin a new film next week, and could certainly use it.
Warmest regards & good wishes to you, ever,
30 October 1971
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