Letter from Carolee Schneemann to Sally Dixon (12/04/1973)

Foreningen for experimentell musik och konst Society for experimental music and arts Verein fur experimented Musik und Kunst
WELCOME BACK! I hope you had a fine trip; if Houston provided for you an ounce as graciously & generously as you did for me, you’ve carried home some of the joy, delight & satisfaction I feel after the week with you and Pitts.... settles in as a harbor for creative work -- open, deep. The warmth, genuine helpfullness, concern for what is essential to creative process — its communication (and the devotions, manias)— balance between you, Haller & Gaylor in a vital wave, completely unique and fertile. Usually I return from the film/lecture/teaching drained, gobbeled up, cut off from some inherent energies....but not this time!
The students s urprised me; open, gentle, inn touch with their own creative possibilities. In the East often confront a premature intellectual stance, assumptions, sophistication, impatience; at Pitts building with, adding to rich & complex experiences already a part of them. I didn’t have to start from some dreary beginning plane, or cut into closet dominations, commitments ad© hering to heros and systems like leeches set for life. That was unusual. And feeling so well used...that what/where I needed to give from was valued, aided: Haller giving me the room to work in, material; Gaylor guiding all the usual difficulties of meals, places, organizing, and over all the pleasure of your company, feeling so at home with you.
I’v written Bob Gaylor a letter or thanks, but as well of my concern about Steven....which may be misplaced. As we say ”it s none of your beeswax”, but the worry took shape, persisted, so I risk the intrusion or mis-apprehension. Asked Bob, in effect, to convey my thoughts to you because a strong impulse is difficult to modify without lossing clarity and it seems a bit of a blunderbus
I leave the peace and calm of the country for a few days of frantic city work: the book, a reading to prepare, teaching.
My thoughts are with you— work well.
My love and thanks.
4 December 73
Association pour la musique et les arts exper
Dear Sally:

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