Letter from Sally Dixon to Standish Lawder (12/20/1974)

December 20, 1974
Standish D. Lawder
Curator, Collection of Classic Films
Box 2009, 56 High Street
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut 06520
Dear Stan:
I know what you're doing is costing an am and a leg - ouch! Bill has told me about it.
Please stop in Pittsburgh if it is en route to California. Either I or the Judsons can put you up and, though I am booked at the museum, you can surely have a show at the workshop. Gate proceeds minus 10%, (70 seat theater) not big, but would pay for the stop and a little gas.
I would like to see your new films - look forward to it in March (?)•
Have a good Christmas, Stan.
Sally F. Dixon Curator, Film Section
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