Letter from Bill Judson to Mike Kuchar (1/27/1978)

Mike Kuchar 30-C Abbey Street San Francisco, Ca. 94114
Jan. 27, 1978
Dear Mike:
Thank you for Bending the print of SINS..., which I haven’t seen in years. We'll hold it for your arrival.
I have been meaning to write George to ask him about the print of I AN ACTRESS which we had ordered to purchase some time ago, but haven't received. There was some confusion, I recall, as to whether we would get a slightly used print immediately or wait for a new one — and we asked for a new one. As the grant money for this purchase runs out at the end of February, I would like to get the print before then.
Is there anything you can do about this while George is away? I'd be most grateful if you could!!
Looking forward to the 28th Feb.
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