Letter from Stan Brakhage to Sally Dixon (8/15/1970-8/31/1970)

Stan Brakhage
Box # 6
Rollinsville, Colorado
late August, 1970
Dear Sally Dixon,
This is to let you know that I’ll be arriving in Pittsburg on Sept. 22nd at 2:09 P. M. on United flight # 484 . . .
AND to send you the happy news that (in addition to "The Weir-Falcon Saga" and "The Machine of Eden") you'll be having a world premiere showing of the third film in that series: "The Animals of Eden and After" — color, silent,
and 35 min. long . . . : that'll make the total length of the program about
an hour and 12 minutes, plus lecture, etc.
( "The Animals of Eden and After" was completed about two weeks ago: it
is too mysterious, to me, for me to be able to write anything about it except that it seems to be the best film I've ever made. )
Until I see you, then . . .
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