Letter from Sally Dixon to Hollis Frampton (10/21/1970)

October 21, 1970
Mr. Hollis Frampton 84 Walker St.
New York, N. Y.
Dear Hollis,
The remaining open dates for us are January 13, 19, 21, or 27 — a variety of days as you can see. Take your choice and let me know. I'll send you an open airline ticket with which you can make reservations on your end.
I suggest arriving by noon so that we can leave plenty of afternoon time. to please and feed the press, preferably with a screening so that they can write from direct experience.
will pay your $200 plus travel expenses and of courseyyour room while here. Agreeable, yes? !
I am fast at work on steel mill possibilities and at this point think that you could consider it a certainty- probably J&L. I'll send you details when I have them.
My best to you Hollis. It will be good to have you here.
Sally F. Dixon Coordinator of Films
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