Letter from Ernie Gehr to Sally Dixon (06/24/1974)

June 24, 1974
Ernie Gehr
c/o Film Makers' Coop 175 Lexington Ave New York, N.Y. 10016
Sally Dixon Film Section
Museum of Art Carnegie Institute 44OO Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
Dear Sally,
Thank you very much for your invitation. I'll be delighted to come. January 15th will be fine. If its alright, I’d rather stay at your house than at a hotel.
I'm about to leave New York for the Summer but will be back in New York at the end of August. At that time I'll let you know if there is something specific I would like to film in Pittsburgh. And also let you know what films I'll bring. Do you have any special requests?
Thank you again for your invitation. I look forward to meeting you. Have a good Summer.
Best wishes,
Best mailing address is still c/o F.M.Coop. Home phone: 212-62U-3177

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