Letter from Sally Dixon to William Horvath of Western Pennsylvania Hospital (3/12/1971)

March 12, 1971
Mr. William Horvath Director of Conmunity Relations Western Pennsylvania Hospital 4800 Friendship Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224
Dear Mr. Horvath:
This is to thank you so very much for your invaluable help with our hospital film project. Needless to say, it could not have been done without you. Both Mr. Brakhage and Mr. Chikiris spoke of your absolute efficiency in and quick control over every situation. Without being able to turn all of this over to you with confidence, Stan said he felt the project would have been utterly impossible - we are most grateful.
The film has been processed and is ready to be put together. Stan says the heart surgery footage is fantastic. I will call you when we have a finished print, trusting that you will be interested in seeing it.
Again, our sincerest thanks Mr. Horvath.
Very truely yours,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Coordinator of Films
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