Presentation by Donald Richie of Japanese Experimental Film Programs; Lecture by Visiting Filmmaker Ross Spears; Presentation by Elfriede Fischinger and William Moritz of the Work of Oskar Fischinger (01/28/1982, 03/11/1982, 04/15/1982)

Archivist's Notes

fv001/002/094/A Donald Richie Program I 01/28/1982 (61:31min.) Donald Richie, noted film historian, will present two different programs of Japanese experimental film 1960-1980.
fv001/002/094/B Donald Richie Program II 01/29/1982 (53:40 min.)
fv001/002/094/C Ross Spears Lecture 03/11/1982 (18:51 min.)
fv001/002/094/D William Moritz and Elfriede Fischinger 04/15/1982 (53:52 min.)

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