Letter from James Broughton to Robert Haller (10/30/1974)

30 Oct 74
Dear Bob:
I have been very long in replying to your summer communiques. But there have been heavy reasons. And really it is only recently that I have begun to be able to think ahead to next year. Because I have, finally, got to the finishing touches on my TESTAMENT film.
So—it now looks ahead like this.
I think to be coming east in the month of March, to be there, to make my film, & to have some film shows in the more or less neighborhood of the Atlantic seaboard during the weeks before Easter. I could come for 2 or even 3 weeks, so this would give leeway for dates. I hope you can arrange some bookings for me. I will have the new film to show.
According to my 1975 calendar there are 3 weeks (from Mar 2 to 23) before Holy Week begins.
Please let me know whether this will be an acceptable time for me to be there. (March seems to be traditionally my Pittsburgh month!) And how does the whole setup look by now?
Now that you are all beautifully in your new quarters...
When is Baillie coming? Or, has he?
How is everything going? Let us resume correspondence.
Tell me all I should know.
Best wishes,
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