Letter from Stephanie Beroes to Bill Judson (4/22/1978)

UNIVERSIT Y______________________________________TEMPE, ARIZONA 85281
Bill Judson Film Section Museum of Art Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
April 22nd, 1978
Dear Bill,
I know this may seem silly, but I just want to express a simple, honest feeling to you.
Thank you.
Thank you for the lessons I learned from you, in two years of film history classes. Thank you for inspiring me to pursue the serious study of cinema, in the first place! And thank you most of all for the lesson of your approach, your attitude towards the teaching of film history: quiet,thoughtful, critical, discerning in every respect...
You see, it's just that this visiting lecturer assignment here has been difficult for me...in many ways...and I've had to call upon my training... and your example has been paramount.
Stephanie Beroes
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