Letter from Sally Dixon to Jonas Mekas (4/21/1971)

April 21, 1971
Jonas Mekas Anthology Cinema 425 Lafayette Street New York, N.Y. 10003
Dear Jonas:
Mary, many thanks for last week. It was invaluable for me and shall stand me in good stead for programing for next year.
I regret the confusion over ray coming, it was difficult for both of us - you resenting the amount of screening in the back room and I hesitating to ask for my full list as soon as I perceived the situation. I hope you understand that I had thought that just such research screening was one of the Anthologys functions and truely had no intention of taking advantage of the Archive in an exploitative sense.
I shall in the future content myself with your regular screenings plus whatever slots can be had on Tuesday and Thursday and fill in with Museum of Modern Art, The Coop, Whitney, etc.
Stan writes that he has finished Deus Ex completely that ".. it is BEAUTIFUL... already clearly a major work, MUCH better than "eyes" if it holds for many viewings, it is one of the very best films ever given to me to make."
I enjoyed seeing you, P. Adams, Steve and Linda - please wish them a lovely Spring for me - and for you Jonas, flowers, grass and sweet air!
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.)
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