Letter from Sally Dixon to Robert Prentiss of Presbyterian University Hospital (3/11/1971)

March 11, 1971
Mr. Robert Prentiss Presbyterian-University Hospital 230 Lothrop
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 Dear Mr. Prentiss:
I want to thank you so much for your willing cooperation and time in helping us set up the Hospital Film project with Stan Brakhage, even though he was not able to utilize your help.
As you know he started out at Mercy and after just two days of shooting realized it was just too dark in general situations to film any even ordinarily fa3t motion - too limiting, so choose to switch to West Penn with the feeling that it combined both the old and the new, really a mix of Presbyterian-Univer-sity and Mercy. This proved a good move and he was able to get what he feels is a good film, including open heart surgery and premature babies as well as the more usual wards etc. - without continuing on at Presbyterian-University Hospital.
Nevertheless, I want you to know how very much we appreciate your readiness to help - such a necessary and far sighted attitude, crucial for bringing about a meeting between art and technology.
We will most certainly let you know when the film is to be shown and trust that you will be interested in seeing it.
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Coordinator of Films
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