Letter from Bill Judson to Joel Singer (04/10/1981)

Section of Film and Video 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 Telephone: 412 622-3212
Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute
April 10, 1981
Joel Singer PO Box 183
Mill Valley, CA 94941 Dear Joel:
Many thanks for your letter of late February, which I have just now excavated! It brings back recollections of that extremely enjoyable afternoon going to Stinson(?) Beach... I still have much of that clear light preserved in my head. Many thanks to you, and to Janice.
I've talked with Margaret Ahwesh at Pittsburgh Film-Makers, and they would love to co-sponsor your presentation. We talked about three possible Thursdays: October 22, 29, or November 5; do any of these fit your schedule?
Between us we can offer a total honorarium of $500, and up to $150 travel, and a place to stay.
Sorry to be so slow in responding, but I've been busy trying to fight NEA cuts, etc., and just now getting around to looking at the fall.
Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards to you and James.
c.c. M. Ahwesh
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