Letter from Stan Brakhage to Bob Haller (11/20/1971)

Nov. 20, 1971
Dear Bob,
I thought I had written you much praise and thanks for all the photos. Did you get my letter? Perhaps I hadn't yet received the nix. of myself and Leacock, thus hadn't specified them; but more likely it was a oversight because I didn't parti cularly like them, felt they didn't demonstrate the insight of your earlier works. But then, it was a difficult image to met. Anyway, thanks also for the Forum. Your article was okay.
Did you yet met the copies of Chicago Tribune? If you don't answer, I'll assume you got them; (and please don't expect any more corresnon-dence from me for a long while, as I'm too loaded-down with things to manage to get to my work -ANY other way than to stop writing letters.
It only remains for me to apologize that you haven't yet been sent "Song 16". It's a 'tooth-puller' to get those prints out of my lab.
But you should have yours within the month.
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