Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (9/29/1971)

James Broughton
P.O. BOX 183 • MILL VALLEY • CALIFORNIA 94941 • (415) 388-8676 • 383-0657
September 29, 1971
Sally Dixon
Museum of Art, Film Section Carnegie Institute 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Penn. 15213
Dear Sally Dixon:
Thank you for your nice letter. I shall be traveling to New York for the Anthology meeting on October 15th.
Since our sessions are intended to be very concentrated,
I will not be able to come to Pittsburgh until the day of the showing and I shall probably have to be on hand for a session in New York the day after. I presume that I can make fairly swift flights to and from Pittsburgh, especially so that I could get back to Manhattan on the 21st. If you want to send me an open flight, round-trip ticket, that can be sent here or to me at Anthology Cinema Archives, 425 Lafayette, New York. I am sorry that the schedule won't allow us more than 24 hours, but I am looking forward eagerly to that.
Yours cordially,
James Broughton
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