Letter from Stan Brakhage to Sally Dixon (6/11/1974)

June 11, 1974
Dear Sally,
In haste — BUT I think it is a lovely idea to honor Jane's birthday; and that it should even cross your mind goes to SHOW and TELL that you do manage to keep it HUMAN in the FIRST place . . . bless you, dear Sally; and I hope it works out even that she can come there and be JOYED by all this.
The only exceptions to your list are, of course the LONG films

(which you could encompass in a program): "Dog Star Man”, "Art of
Vision”, "Scenes From Under Childhood", and "Songs" — of which I
might say there are several short ones especially appropriate to this
occasion BUT presenting the difficulty of projection: if you choose
to and/or are able to overcome that you might want to show, say, the
first little reel of ”15 Song Traits" as example — which I
could supply — but especially "Song 1" and (Jane's favorite previous
' to "HYMN...") one of the "Rivers" which could be dug out, I guess).
BUT (for all practical purposes) you should (if you've time) add
"Films by Stan Brakhage" — 5 min. (right after "Thigh Line..." in — abt. 15 min.
chronology) AND "The Trip to Door'" (right after "Three Films").
The 'Weir Falcon trilogy' also features Jane; but I'm assuming
that, too, is too long for inclusion — still might be mentioned along
with LONG works listed above in program notes.
I would, anyway, keen it strictly chronological and end on "Star
Garden" (after "Hymn to Her") because this film demonstrates the subtlety
of Jane's pervasive ###### integrality with EVERYthing accomplished via
me: I mean, she's not seen too recognizably, like they say, ANYwhere
within it BUT does obviously shape the whole graph of that film's world /
her creation
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