Curriculum Vitae of Anthony McCall (1975)

JUNE 1975
Born 1946 London. Resident in New York since January 1973.
Group Showings:
1972: Gallery House, London. "A Survey of the
Avant-Garde in Britain" September- October. Camden Art Centre, London. "Photography into Art" December-January.
1973: Biennale de Paris,September-October.
1974: Millenium, New York City, April 16.
London Film-makers Co-op Cinema, June 12.
Garage Art, London, June 18.
Clocktower, New York City, June ("Work:Words"). Artists Space, New York City, December 2.
1975: Malmo Konsthall, Sweden. "New Media 1"
Biennale de Paris, September-October.
Single showings:_________
1973: Fylkingen, Stockholm, September 1.
1974: Royal College of Art Gallery, London, June 4.
Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, June 9. Collective for Living Cinema & Film Forum, November 3.
1975: Serpentine Gallery, London, April 22.
London Film-makers Co-op Cinema, April 26. Idea Warehouse, New York City, June 18-19.
1972: "Landscape for Fire" Reading, England. June 10.
"Landscape for Fire" North Weald, England. Aug 27. "Landscape for Fire" Oxford University, England, November 30.
1973: "Fire Cycles" William Patterson College, NJ, USA. April 13.
1974: "Fire Cycle" Museum of Modern Art, Oxford,
England. June 9.
1972: "Landscape for mire" 16mm, colour, sync sound, 7# mins.
1973: "ABCD" 16mm, B&W, silent, 30 mins.
"Line describing a Cone" 16mm, B&W, silent, 30 mins.
1974: "Partial Cone" 16mm, B&W, silent, 15 mins.
"Cone of Variable Volume" 16mm, B&W, silent, 15 mins. "Conical Solid" 16mm, B&W, silent, 10 mins.
"Long Film for Four Projectors", 16mra, B&W, silent, 6 hours.
1975: "Four Projected Movements" 16mm, B&W, silent, in 75 minute cycles, with no maximum duration.
"Long Film for Ambient Light" silent, in 24 hour cycles.
1973: "Black Solid" (New York City).
"Yellow Solid" (New York City).
19741 ".Article" (New York City).
"Wallpaper" No 1, September.(London & New York). "Wallpaper" No 2, December. (London & New York).
1975: "Wallpaper" No 3, April. (London & New York).
Selected Bibliography:
Art & Artists, London, March 1973: "On Conditions (the work of Anthony McCall)" Felipe Ehrenberg.
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Alan Gerstle.
Catalogue of the 5th International Experimental Film Competition at Knokke: "Line describing a Cone: a statement" Anthony McCall.
Art & Cinema, NYC, Vol 2 No 1, '74-75: "Partial Cone, Conical Solid and Cone of Variable Volume" Katrine Martin.
Artforum, NYC, May 1975: "A Conversation on Knokke and the Independent Filmmaker" Annette Michelson & P.Adams Sitney.
On Site, NYC, No 5&6, Nov 1974: "Fire Cycles" Anthony McCall.
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