Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (8/29/1972)

P.O. BOX 183 • MILL VALLEY • CALIFORNIA 94941 • (415) 388-8676
August 29, 1972
Dear Sally,
Your plan is very exciting, the best news indeed that I have had in a long time when in most quarters the avenues for film expression & exchange have seemed to be dimming. I wanted to write you immediately, but your announcement arrived just as I was involved moving my family into a new house, and then I went off to Monterey to judge the film festival there last week as well as give some seminars.
Look, what I would like most to propose is (of course) my 'dream' of making a film there with everyone creative around who would like to be part of it. In eyeing my schedule for the upcoming school year I realize that I couldn't really get into anything that broad and deep and involving until next summer. What would it be like to try making a film next July? July for the actual shooting work, I mean; with some preparatory time in June.
I recognize that it would be valuable, if not essential, that I should come at some earlier date in order to learn more accurately & fully what the available materials are in your city, including actors, technicians, designers, etal. Maybe I could come for an intensive week's seminar in the spring? Like April.
It's hard for me to control my excitement when I start thinking (& hoping) that this might be the possibility I have been longing for & dreaming of: a production wherein I can extend my range and encompass a large vision—which can't be done without the collaboration of others. But I don't want to get carried away this soon. It seems wiser first to explore with you the possibilities of the summer time, whether that is a good season; and whether you think it would be apt for me to come there in spring. Once I get your reactions, I will propose specifics.
The question of financing a filmmaking project is another factor. I am always applying for grants. Any source thereabouts, student fees aside? This factor will, in some measure, determine the ambitiousness of the project.
For the students it will be an adventure in planning, directing, acting, lighting, and I would like to do some sync sound. Stop! I am starting to stare at filmic visions on the wall. I pray something exciting & memorable can come about. Tell me what you think, how it looks.
Yours, with so much love,
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