Letter from Stan Brakhage to Sally Dixon (10/27/1970)

Stan Brakhage
Box # 6
Rollinsville, Colo.
October 27, 1970
Sally Dixon Carnegie Museum Film Dept. 4400 Forest Pittsburgh, PA.
Dear Sally,
I must have written your name a dozen times this morning, giving credit to your helpin making "eyes” — which will have its first public show at Harpur College, S.U.N.Y., Binghamton, when Ken Jacobs has me there in three weeks for lecture-show -- and also writing your name on boxes of film, mailed today, TO you personally, and c/o you for passing on (after you've seen 'em) to Mike and Walter (as marked on each box: these are gifts to be shared by all in happy company: one "Song"
each . . . wish it could be more — you've all been so generous with me that I cannot thank you enough.
In the event that any of the "Songs" are repeats of what Mike already has, you might return that, unless the new 'owner' wants his own copy: I've, anyway, tried not to duplicate Mike's collection (which, I
believe, is #12, #16 - thru - 22 — right? . . . please let me know that info, again, so that I can keep my records straight). I sent "Song# # 1" to you as a SIGN that I think you, eventually, should have ALL of them — or at least available to you . . . bless you — and/or to Carnegie Inst. Film Dept, which is, to me, indistinguishable from your lovely self.
I talked to Marie, yesterday, and very much encouraged her to ask you if she couldn't, perhaps, come to Pittsburgh later: she'll probably
be too shy: thus you might, if possible for you, initiate this possibility:
(I really think she got sick in nervousness at possibly interfering with Millard doing things HIS way: she has always been like this, taking a very
shy back-seat in relation to The Maas-ter): anyway, she has easily two-to-
three times over the number of films he showed of hers in Pittsburgh, enough thus for a very FULL evening of her alone.
As to "eyes", I now have hope that my lab. can get a print finished tomorrow, which I can check tomorrow night, take with me on Thurs. to Lexington, Kentucky, and mail to you, from there, by Sat.: you might therefore have it (U. S. Mails and all-going-well permitting) by mid next week.
Please convey to Walter Seng that we received his amazing pictures this morning — even Jane ... slow to recognize anyone else's vision of me — thought they were extraordinary: "Tho' you are, in them, too much The Politician”, she says . . . anyway, we are very happy to have them. I have the additional thought that IF Walter makes some prints of these and sends them to: Harvey
Brown, Stewart Street, West Newbury, Mass. 01985: Harvey might use one or
another in his publication of my "Scrapbook". This move would be 'on speculation', so to speak: but. they could be sent to Harvey, with a note that it was
On my say-so, and premised that Harvey pay for them (whatever Walt thinks fair)

card asking me to persuade you
photographing dissection cadavers).
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