Letter from Stan Brakhage to Sally Dixon (8/7/1972)

Stan Brakhage Box # 6
Rollinsville, Colorado
August 7, 1972
Sally Dixon Film Department The Carnegie Museum 4400 Forbes
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Dear Sally Dixon,
As the reports come in from around the nation, it begins to be clear that The Carnegie Museum Film Series is perhaps the MOST impressive in the United States these last two years. It is being 'spoken of' in relation to Frank Stauffacher's famous "Art In Cinema" series in San Francisco's mid-fifties. That means your series has entered Film History already. Sheldon Renan of Pacific Film Archives has mentioned The Carnegie Film Programs. I've heard Dean Gillmore (of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago) mention that they must pattern their forthcoming series after yours. Old snobbish New York City has even recognized you in print.
All of which is to say: BRAVO!
Stan Brakhage
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