Letter from Sally Dixon to Joyce Wieland (1/4/1972)

January 4, 1972
Joyce Wieland c/o The Isaaes Gallery 832 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dear Joyce:
The eighth of March is fine - So be it ! If you feel any additions or deletions to/from the program necessary or desirable, just let me know.
The stills so far are great. Me are attempting a new thing - that is, having slides made from the stills for TV publicity, so you might think in those terms visually, if you can send more stills. I shall take care to return the one of you.
What a pity you’re not coming with Michael. March seems so far off -however we’ll bear it!
Joyce, I wish you both a lovely new year.
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.)
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