Letter from Bill Judson to Sally Dixon (9/7/1977)

Sally Dixon
54- S. Emerson St.
Denver, Co. 80209
Sept. 7, 1977
Dear Sally —
Thanks for your recent letter and card. I’m sorry we didn’t have more time when you were here. I'm very pleased that you like the program — we’ve been having very good response to it (with the exception of Stan, who apparently railed against it loudly and publicly in NYC last winter).
Poor Le Ann has spent hours on the phone to Sen. Proxmire's office. It seems that, as a result of her NEA film grant, the good senator — before seeing the film — is planning on bestowing her with one of his annual prizes for worst spent money ("thrown out of airplanes"). She's been forced into the position of single-handedly defending the IFMs to the senator his staff. If the award is given, I hope there will be substantial feedback — "static". (And how many bombs could be dropped for $10,000 in our next Vietnam?"
Yes, we have both ZORNS LEMMA and NOSTALGIA now. Problem is, we have a signed contract with Hollis that the films will only be used on the premises, without admission charge. I will try to contact Hollis and/or Peter Feinstein for a "variance". If we can get same,
I would gladly loan them to you if:
— They are insured in shipping, and the University of Colorado - Boulder will cover any uninsured losses.
— They are projected by an experienced projectionist on a clean and reliable manual load projector.
I realize time is short, so I’ll get right on it.
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