Letter from Bill Judson to Joel Singer (04/20/1981)

Section of Film and Video 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 Telephone: 412 622-3212
November 5 looks good, with $150 travel. Please send your social security number.
Our fall schedule goes to the printer at the end of July, so if we could have (1) the titles for the program by then, with dates and running times, that would be good. If you have (2) material for program notes, we would need that in mid-October. (3) An image for a poster may be useful by mid-September, although with the planned budget cuts, the posters may have to go. Lots of stuff up in the air with the current $ situation at NEA etc.
Looking forward to the show!
Museum of Art, Carnegie institute
April 20, 1981
Joel Singer P0 Box 183
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Dear Joel:
In haste,
cc: Margaret Ahwesh
Bill Judson
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