Letter from Bill Judson to Jack Lane (8/7/1980)

Museum of Art
Carnegie Institute 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 (412) 622-3200 3212
TO: Jack Lane
FROM: Bill Judson
RE: Autumn events
DATE: August 7, 1980
The Film Section is planning a number of special events this season, which will be innovative, entirely new to this museum context, and designed specifically to enhance the programs they accompany.
September 11 - Stephanie Beroes, an independent filmmaker from Pittsburgh will be showing a program of her films. Her latest film, DEBT BEGINS AT 20, which she has recently shown throughout Europe and the United States, will have its public debut in Pittsburgh at this time. The event will conclude with a reception, perhaps to be held in the corridor and lobby outside the Museum of Art Theatre, which will feature music by The Cardboards, a local modern rock group, who are also stars of the film. The bringing of live music into the museum will celebrate the spirit of Stephanie's movie and bring its issues into clearer focus.
October 16 - Les Blank is an independent filmmaker whose work concerns the ethnic aspects of American life, especially things which have to do with music and food. He has made films about New Orleans jazz, the blues, and Mexican-American music. His recent film GARLIC IS AS GOOD AS TEN MOTHERS is a delightful and mouthwatering eulogy on the culinary and medicinal benefits of this oldest of herbs. We would like to plan a real food event ( an "aromaround" performance) in conjunction with this screening. See attached flyer. We are thinking about using the Cafe.
What are your thoughts on all this?????
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