Letter from Sally Dixon to James Broughton (11/12/1971)

November 12, 1971
James Broughton P.0. Box 183
Mill Valley, California 94941 James, dear soul:
We are still in a pleasant glow from your trip - and the delightful post card. It was indeed IT! I do think of you as "the loony trickster, skipping over the countryside", impressive, monumental & patriarchal!
You have your check by now I trust—sorry it takes so long. We’re revising our system so that the check will be given on arrival.
Steve Savage (Pitt video tape) has gone home for this weekend for his sisters wedding so I don’t know what he has arranged film or otherwise -but spoke with him suggesting he do something! I’ll pursue him again on Monday about it.
I'll be anxious to see Dream Wood when it’s ready - let me know - it sounds lovely. James, what is the new film?
In about a month you’ll get a letter from the workshop, (for which we got the grant, I think I told you about it) inviting you to submit proposal for seminar, workshop, class,- es, etc. We do the advertising, you fly in and teach if enough sign up.- if not nothing is lost. (except we’d miss you!) You’ll be able to repeat the performance as often as you want to teach - no binding contract or long term committments. We hope to start going on it in February.
Have a sumptuous thanksgiving and a perfectly joyous Christmas and I'll look forward to seeing you sometime in the New Year.-
With warm regards & great affection,
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