Letter from Larry Gottheim to Sally Dixon (2/15/1975)

R.D. 2
Binghamton, N.Y. 13903 February 15, 1975
Dear Sally Dixon,
I once had made up this sheet of 4 out-takes each from one of the sections of HORIZONS; it seems now I'd be willing to take my chances on how it mightx show up printed, on a poster— I'm sure at least the concept of 4 will endure that printing adventure, and that seems truer to the film than any single image can be. As for the photo, I'm really not prepariqd for this sort of thing, but I find amongst my things this one from a discussion of my work at MILLENIUM which at least records the texture of my companion black sweater, now disintegrating.
If it's not too much trouble, I'd appreciate setting the two pictures back, but I'll understand if they get devoured in the process.
I've just returned from a showing of HORIZONS xxxx at Buffalo, happy with the possibility of some people beginning to see into the work; I'm tempted to writex something entirely new in the wake of it, hut instead enclose material revised and expanded from previous notes.
At Buffalo (as at MOMA) I showed BARN RUSHES before HORIZONS.
With a discussion, I think it's just too much. A possible ideax that seems attractive is just to show HORIZONS, and then after a discussion, to show Part 1 again. Anyway I think we can leave those details until later.
I'm terribly terribly busy, bursting the brim--looking
forward to the Pittsburgh visit is good exciting anticipation.
Best to you for now
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