Memo from the Film Section about Filmmakers Workshops (9/28/1972)

September 28, 1972 Film Makers Workshop
The following film makers responded positively to Museum infitation to offer a course at the workshop but have not yet submitted actual course description, except for Paul Sharits who specified no date,fee, etc. But I want to give you all I have so you can anticipate forthcoming events! All of these are for after January 1, 1973.
Stan VanDerBeek Bob Breer - Single framing
Will Hindle James Broughton - Film
Jon Jost Paul Sharits - New independent Cinema as information
Ernie Gehr Matrices
Enclosed are xeroxs of their course thoughts etc. for your interest.
The main consideration as I see it is how/when to publicize these courses.
Perhaps offer in finished form those that are ready with all details intact and th
then say something like, "plus courses by E. Gehr, Will Hindle etc., etc. as details are completed.just so students can anticipate.
Toss it around and let me know. I’ll call you in the morning.
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