Letter from Larry Gottheim to Bill Judson (1/23/1976)

R.D. 2 Binghamton, N.V. 13903
January 23, 1976
Hello Bill, hope you are well and that things in general are going well in Pittsburgh.
Although the State University is coming into terribly hard times, which seems as though-ikimpA wi11 effect the department, I myself am now on a semester's leave, and finishing my new film MOUCHES VOLANTES. (a little over an hour, sound, related of course to my previous work but also something quite new). Anyway, I had been planning a tour to the west coast later in "arch. Tony Conrad has invited me to Antioch on March 12, so I am now seeing about spending some brief time in the midwest before going further west. I can go to Chicago on March 18, 19. I therefore would be interested in visiting Pittsburgh, if there was interest, and such a thing could be arranged, either between March 13-l8, or shortly after the 19th. Of course I realize this is short notice, but perhapsx something could just work out... anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you could mention this to Haller or anyone wise, and let me know if something sounds possible.
In addition to MOUCHES VOLANTES I'd be bringing. BARN RUSHES XXXXXXXXX and some other earlier work. In any case, my very best regards to everyone there.
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