Letter from Bill Judson to Hollis Frampton (9/22/1977)

Hollis Frampton
Box 99
Eaton, N.Y. 13334
Sept. 22, 1977
Dear Hollis:
Greetings from the land, of the "rusty nail" and crumbling bridges, as you must know, we've ordered a few films through Peter, and a pleasure it is to have then for viewing!
Sally Dixon recently wrote me asking to borrow our prints of ZORNS LEMMA and NOSTALGIA. I told her "yes" if you would concur ā€” I believe we signed a contract promising not to show the prints off our premises. She is doing two lectures (Oct. 13 & 18), and I don't think there will be any admission charge.
She of course understands, as do I, that museum prints should not be used in a way that cuts into rental income, and would not make such a request unless they were short on funds. But we will both happily abide by whatever you think best.
Paul was just here to show DECLARATIVE MODE, which is not quite finished, but nevertheless very beautiful. The sound track ā€” very strong ā€” was on mag tape, which made it extremely clean. A good show, for which I've had much positive feedback.
Iā€™m hoping at some point to clear enough bureaucratic crap from my schedule to make it to Buffalo, in which case I would enjoy seeing you. Meanwhile,
My regards,
As Sally's dates are not
far off, feel free to call Bill Judson me collect at:
work: (412) 622-3212 or home: (412) 687-8309 Thanks.
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