Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (2/1/1973)

Feb 1, 1973
Dear Sally:
Enclosed are more brochures; list of film prices; copy of my Dream letter. I have also written to Myers at Kent, Benjamin Miller at Indiana; also to a friend on the faculty at Temple University, whom I just remembered. Would you also ask Sharits if there might be an opening at Antioch?
All this is a nuisance, but I really can't foresee this trip in March without some solid hope of getting a good sum out of it. Otherwise one is simply paying the airline all that one earns.
Which reminds me. Thinking over our phone conversation, and your information that only 10 persons have signed up for my series, I realize that $250 is pretty minimal return. How can we give 5 shows for that? With film rentals to be figured? (Would it be more realistic to cancel the series as such?
Would I perhaps make more out of one big showing of my films?)
I am shipping you an old print of THE BED today. A THIS IS IT I don't have to spare at the moment; though probably soon.
Do you think you might be able to raise as much as $2500?
This would be comparable to 1st installment of a Guggenheim grant.
I do not want to stir up Dan about my filming plans until I have chance to be there again and really feel it out: what the place also tells me it wants me to do, as well as what fits the Possible.
Take care of yourself! Keep in touch! Be of good cheer!
Love, from
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