Letter from Sally Dixon to Anthony McCall (12/20/1974)

Anthony McCall
114 West 29th Street New York, New York 10001
December 20,
Dear Anthony,
This is acre to acknowledge your good letter than to answer it - other than briefly . I am making ready to go to Knokke, thus brevity. I am,
as usual, at least three weeks (months?) behind.
I have been hearing of your new films and I like the sound. I would like to discuss the mechanics of such a show, when I return, and see what the space needs are. So much more is happening in this area - I think. I would like to offer a more extensive presentation. Needs more investigation on my part.
My fondest love to Carolee, to you both, Christmas blessings. Sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon Curator, Film Section
Carolee, are you well, and weller?
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