Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (2/11/1974)

Feb 11, 74
my dear Sally,
are you not to have anything to do with my being there next month? is it entirely under Hallership? do I have to just teach a class? can I not make something? will I only get enough to cover the air fare?
I have agreed to come, but d etails are anything but clear or reassuring. And the time is only a month away.
Would I have access to photographing the furnaces?
And the slag heap? With actors? Is that a difficult permission?
I would also like to have actors, and costumes.
(If none of this is possible, we shall take pictures of one another. At least, we must create!)
When should I arrive? Where will you be? Is your conference out here, or not? How come noone in Pennsylvania wants to give me a filmshow? What are the details of the filmmaking grant?
I have difficult home problems again. And I am very tired of teaching so much.
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