Program notes for screening of Joel Singer's films (1977)

The basic aim of the cinema is to teach men to see all things new, to abandon the commonplace world in which they blindly live, and to discover at last the meaning and beauty of the universe.
—V.I. Pudovkin
Independent Film-Maker Joel Singer
Behemoth (1977), silent Adieu Beausejour (1975), silent Glyphs I (1976), silent Glyphs II (1977), silent
Together (1975). sound, collaboration with James Broughton Windowmobile (1977). sound, collaboration with James Broughton Song of the Godbody (1977), sound, collaboration with James Broughton Peri sphere (1975). sound Sliced Light (1975). sound
" . . . shot [for the most part] in single frame, they enunciate the
lapse of time, but they aren't really concerned with the lapse of
time, the passing of events—cars and people moving through the
streets, the tide breathing—but, instead, they peer into the passage
of light through those events, unroll the trace of the strobe of
the jig of the illumination of each action as it leaps across the
darkness between frames."
—Robert Penrose, in Canyon
Cinemanews, 77-5, p. 6.
This program is supported in part by grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Friday-Saturday, Dec. 9-10: Le Retour D'Afrique (1973) by Alain
Tanner. 8:00, 10:00, and 12:00 each night.
Friday-Saturday, Dec. 16-17: Independent Film-Maker Malcolm LeGrice
from England will show Berlin Horse, Time and Motion Study,
After Lumiere L'Arrosseur Arrosse, and others on Friday. On Saturday he will screen and discuss Blackbird Descending (Tense Alignment). Co-sponsored by the Film Section of Carnegie Institute. 8:00 each evening.
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