Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (9/10/1971)

James Broughton
P.O. BOX 183 • MILL VALLEY • CALIFORNIA 94941 • (415) 388-8676 • 383-0657
Sept 10, 1971
Sally Dixon Carnegielnstitute Pittsburgh, Penna 15213
Dear Sally Dixon:
Thank you for your warm. & reassuring letter.
If all proceeds as proposed, I believe I shall be coming to you from sessions at Anthology in New York—which are presently scheduled to begin on October 7th. Which means that my coming to Pittsburgh on the 20th will be a break in the committee evaluation meetings. Hence I probably cannot come to you a day before; but can come fairly early on the 20th, from N.Y. This plan is pleasing to me, since it means that the $500 you offer will not be mostly used up in a plane flight from Calif. Plus the fact that I will not be at the end of a transcontinental flit, which can be so disorienting.
Therefore, let me inform you later on about the means of ticketing my flight to Pittsburgh. I look forward very much to being there with you; and the arrangements you propose sound quite civilized. I enclose order form for my new book which is available, I understand,as of Sept 15th. It is a really beautiful book. I will be sending you shortly , few stills for publicity purposes. I very much appreciate your responses to my work.
Best wishes, & good hopes.
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