Letter from Robert A. Haller to James Broughton (11/21/1974)

P. O. BOX 7 200, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 15 213 412 - 681 -5449
November 21, 1974
James Broughton
71 Park Drive
San Anselmo, Cal. 94960
Dear James,
Re. your letter of 30 October. The period March 2 to 23 will be fine for your visit here under the NEA project. The project must end, insofar as we spend money, at the end of larch, but that will not affect any of your activities as we can (and will) just write you a check for the remaining monies that you will not have yet ex ended. It is also a good time because you will not be here at the same time as Bruce, who will be here in February. Bruce may return in larch when you are here, but it will not be an extended visit that would create logistic problems.
I am now seeking exhibition dates for you during this March period, and will report on any positive progress as soon as it occurrs.
I am writing to you from the new workshop, which Is now 98% finished and looks quite impressive. In a few weeks we will open our new photo gallery and that will leave only the library to be finished. The theater is in operation (at this moment Flaming Creatures is unspooling) although only half the permasnent seats (total will be 70) are now installed.
Let me Know as soon as possible what facilities you will need for your film activity when you get here. We have a large classroom that could be converted into a studio, plus expanded editing facilities. Will you need actors, sets, etc. ?
Sally sends you love (although she is in Washington D.C. right now, or on her way back) and all of us send salutations and await further word . . .
Sincerely yours,
Robert A. Haller Executive Director
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