Letter from Standish Lawder to Sally Dixon (10/18/1974)

Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut 06520
COLLECTION OF CLASSIC FILMS STANDISH d. lawder, Curator spencer M. berger, Advisor to the Collection Box 2009,56 High Street
Oct. 18, 1974
Ms. Sally Dixon Museum of Art Carnegie Institute 440 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
Dear Sally:
Congratulations on your new theater—it sounds magnificent! I saw Bill Judson frequently over the summer and he spoke fondly of your and your activities, which surprised me not at all.
I will be travelling to California during our Spring Vacation, mostly to show films, and I am now in the process of shopping about for situations en_ route. I need the money; my stereoscopic film-making has become much more expensive than I ever anticipated and these debts are mounting at an alarming rate. Would a Pittsburgh stop-over be possible, do you think? I would love to do it. I'd be coming through between March 10 and 20.
I have several new films which I think you havn't seen, plus of course my old standards. Some reading matter enclosed to keep you posted on what I've been up to.
All best wishes,
Cheers and blessings,
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