Film proposal by James Broughton (1973-1977)

Film Proposed by James Broughton
Orifice. A film of Pittsburgh's most intimate wonders.
The argument: This is conceived as a hymn to the sensory organs,
a celebration of those flowers of the human body which we take so much for granted: the openings which perceive, receive, and emanate so magically for our consciousness.
If The Golden Positions honors the whole temple of the human spirit, this film will be a companion piece to pay homage to the glorious parts.
The orifices are, of course, the mouth, the nose, the eye, the ear, the penis, the vulva, and the anus. The film will be a rhythmic mosaic of images of these openings, seen in closeup, and in as many varied examples as we can gather, both male and female, young and old.
The texture of the film, abstracting the forms of these perceptors, will include the orifices themselves, and each of the orifices in contact with one another, in all possible combinations.
The aim is to create a definitive and ravishing exploration of sensory experience.
Contact 362-5449 or write Pittsburgh Film-Makers' Assoc., P.O. Box 7200, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
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