Letter from Sally Dixon to Hollis Frampton (12/30/1970)

December 30, 1970
Hollis Frampton 84 Walter Street New York, N.Y. 10013
Dear Hollis:
Your ticket to Heaven!
Also your credentials via the official mouthpiece of Pittsburgh’s Place of Culture.
Do let me know what you reserve on the plane so that I can meet you - with great joy!
How goes your (nostalgia)? How lonely to contemplate starting 1971 with aa bottomless pit of maudlin sentiment, fossilized cleaverness, and asynchrony”!
To celebrate the occasion of the premier, if it surfaces, we might consider garlanded, cherubic creatures, gossamer-gowned leaping gazellishly down the Aisles strewing petals - Hollis, why is it that you beckon forth such fantasies in me?!
A glorious New Year to you.
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