Letter from Hollis Frampton to Sally Dixon (1/21/1972)

dear Sally,
here comes (first class, under separate cover, also to the Museum) the tape of CASCADE.
It needs and desires to be transferred to 16mm magnetic film, as aforesaid viva voce. No editing, please: just go right from end of leader at head to very end of tape; what small cutting needs to be done, I will do on the optical track. Do master it at highest possible gain without distortion. Is Phil Curry, or someone equally knowledgeable, available to ride herd on it?
No chance on this end to erase what is running in the opposite direction, but if there is any question, you will certainly recognize it.
SPEED is of the essence on this. Both tape & film shd/ go, in this case, to the NY Coop, marked HOLD FOR ADDRESSEE. If they were there by the 31st of this month, I wd have no objection.
I'm trying to finish this thing for the Elgin show, as you know.
Meantime I'm squatting here at the farm, in a trance, trying to get through the text for POETIC JUSTICE...and reflecting, simultaneously, upon the obvious: that attempting to live in 2 places leaves one, at immense expense both psychic and fiscal, living no place. For instance I find, on arrival here, that a snowplow knocked my mailbox off its post 2 (from all evidence) WEEKS ago! Small annoyances. Momentarily, bizarre as it will sound to you, as to me, as also to Stan, I find myself envying Brakhage his orderly domesticity. Holy tidbit!
Well: if you can do this transfer thing for me, then that will be a very great kindness. And I hope to write you a letter soon.
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