Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (5/9/1974)

May 9/1974
dear Sally:
Madly getting ready for trip to England, I leave in 2 weeks, and have to ship ALL those films. I think it should be a happy trip. Extra showings & lectures are being arranged and people are being very cordial in true British fashion.
Even my publisher is living in Yorkshire (near Beatrix Potter's cottage).
Thank you for your dear letter, your nice words about your stay with us. The children were charmed with their Perinal circus. And thank you also for the rental check for my film.
Sally, I want to toss something your way to see what you think of it. I am definitely taking semester leave from SB Art Institute beginning next January. This means I would be free to come to Pittsburgh to make a film, if LEA & Pennsylvania Arts can make substantial enough funds available. But in addition I am forced to earn enough some way or other during that period to sustain my heavy expenses at home. This would be in the nature of $12 to 15,000, since it will have to carry me through more than half a year. If I were to be based in Pittsburgh, could I make substantial enough tours from there? Could some academic 'residence' be attained for me in your fair city?
I would be grateful to have your thoughts on this.
Have you seen Sitney's book yet? VISIONARY FILM. It is a monument. At last we have all been treated seriously.
I hope you'll have Janies Herbert up from Georgia for a program next year. I'm sure he must be a dear person from seeing his beautiful films.
All love to you, dear Sally. Wish you were flying TWA with me again.
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