Note from Carolee Schneemann to Sally Dixon (approximately 1973)

Carolee Schneemann is originally a painter; as a pioneer of Happenings
and Intermedia she founded Kinetic Theater (1962) which combined
found environments, electronic media, movement based on spontaneous physical involvement. Her performance groups and films troughout the U.S. and Europe. "Fuses" described as a"notroious erotic master-piece” was filmed by her even while...........
........ dear Sally: could you please finish this by pulling in......
something relevent from the Whitney lists? Refering to Fuses and/or Plumb Line. Then it could finish with
She has recently returned after 3 years in Londonwhere her book  "Parts of a Body house Book" was published. Currently she is at work on a film Autobiogrpahy and lecturing on Feminist Aesthetics.
Anything further could be taken from Expanded Cinema ; since I am stuck in the country away from my photographic files
I must suggest you make do with what I enclose or again, take the
set Fuses stills from Expanded that too predicable?

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