Letter from Stan Brakhage to Bob Haller (6/30/1973)

June 30, 1973
Dear Bob,
This in brief — because I've almost no time left to myself,anymore, and DO need to salvage something of this day for film-making — this, then, to confirm that I will, yes, a three-day-wk/shop called "Creative Vision" on Sept. 19-21 in exchange for $500 ... and to confirm that I will (if you rent the films) give informal talk on Marie Menken's films Sent 22, free-of-charge, if you will rent the films AND supply reasonably comfortable surroundings for screening them (i.e. I will NOT, ever amain, give a program where people are jammed uncomfortably into some stuffy hall such as Millenium Film Workshop afforded last trip New York, 50 people standing, squatting on floor, hundreds turned away with weight of their bitterness hanging over the 'luckv' ones inside this oven-of-a-room, etc.)
Okay (enough bitching): you arrange this Menken event so that it
is free of the above kinds of pressures, please.
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