Letter from Bill Judson to James Broughton (8/5/1977)

James Broughton
P.0. Box 183
Mill Valley, Ca. 94-94-1
Aug. 5, 1977
Dear James —
A brief note, in great haste as I try to get things in some order before escaping this monkey house for a while, to confirm my offer to have you and Joel do a joint show of the films you have made collaboratively -- Tuesday, Dec, 6
I hope xxxx, since you will be on your way back from NYC, that the $500 honorarium will be enough for the two of you, since I have no additional funds for travel, etc. Of course we can put you up while you’re here, can meet you at the airport, etc.
I also hope that Joel can set up a screening at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers, perhaps on the next night, since they seem quite excited at the prospect.
My best to you
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