Letter from Sally Dixon to Stan Brakhage (2/26/1971)

February 26, 1971
Stan Brakhage Box #6
Rollinsville Colo. 80474 Dear Soul:
Good trip?! I trust - on angels wings no less. Did you see how the sun broke through for a golden sendoff? Shades of the elevator door, translated to stainless steel wings!
The film has all gone out as did the first when completed - air mail special delivery - it should be there. All was insured so let me know.
The brown box is off to you, regular parcel post.
The men to write are:
Mr. William Horvath Director of Community Relations Western Pa. Hospital 4800 Friendship Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224
Mr. John G. Frazer Jr., President Western Pennsylvania Hospital, 1100 Oliver Bldg.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
I know how good it is to be home again and how happy Jane and the kids are to see you, but WE miss you - No bitchy body around at all, what are we to do? Mike and I will have to start a home bitching club - target: rich people; sun that won't turn golden; bad men at universities; the anti'- artist element in organized world society; etc. etc. and so forth! All suggestions welcome.
So much was exchanged and accomplished - a large rock, no mere pegble in Pittsburghs pond.
Don't forget Metaphors on Vision.
Come back soon dear one. We miss you and need your vital presence Love
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