Letter from Ernie Gehr to Sally Dixon (09/23/1974)

September 23, 1974
Ernie Gehr c/o Film Makers Coop 175 Lexington Ave New York, N.Y. 10016
Sally Dixon Film Section
Museum of Art Carnegie Institute 44OO Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
Dear Sally,
I am still working on my new film and at this moment don't know when I'll complete it.So for the time being lets say I'll bring WAIT, REVERBERATION, SERENE VELOCITY, XXX and STILL. That amounts to a running xxx time of 110 minutes. I will need a good tape recorder
Best regards,
(stereo if possible) for the sound-track of REVERBERATION.
I'll write soon in regards to arrival and the possibility of perhaps asking for your help to film in Pittsburgh. 

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